Executive VIP services

In addition to being a tour guide, I can provide the following VIP & Executive services:

1. 24/7 Shuttle:  From the airport/to the airport to/from your hotel (or any other location).

2. 24/7 Airport service: VIP expediting from the plane or passport control. This service is available 24/7 upon arrival and/or departure.

Upon Arrival – the expeditor will meet you by the plane / passport control, & will fast-track you through passport control, baggage claim and custom, and introduce you to the driver who will take you to your destination. 

Upon Departure – the expeditor will meet you at the entrance to the terminal and escort you through the security, check in, passport control and (optionally), to the airplane.

3. Car service: To and from your business meetings (including waiting time). 
Hourly rate: Minimum 3 hours, Up to 5 hours.
Daily rate: Over 5 hours. 
4. Car service combined with sightseeing: To and from business meetings with visits to tourist sites along the way or in nearby locations.

*** Car services are with a luxury executive multi-purpose vehicle for up to 6 passengers. Transport for larger groups can be change upon request.    



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