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North Along The Mediterranean Sea

Depart from the doorstep of your hotel.  Drive north along Israel's coastal road.

Caesarea – the Ancient Roman Capital and port of the Judea province
built by King Herod the Great to honor his sponsor Caesar Augustus.

Continue up north across Mt. Carmel via the western branch 
of the Via Maris - ancient sea route between Mesopotamia and the Nile.  
A fascinating and tasty visit to ancient Akko (Acre) 
the Crusaders and Ottoman city of old.

Drive south toward Haifa, Israel's main port city
on to the top of the Carmel mountain range for a beautiful 
lookout over the city and the unique Baha'i gardens and Temple.

Drive back to Tel-Aviv along the coastal road.

*This tour itinerary can be modified to suit your schedule and preferences, and gives you a better idea of what can be accomplished in a single, well planned day…


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