day tour of israel- an experience to remember. a day to treasure


A fascinating blend A memorable experience of old and new Vibrant Tel-Aviv and Picturesque Jaffa For a Taste of Israel Today*

Starting point – Drive toward Jaffa along the lively coastal promenade 
connecting Tel Aviv and Jaffa. 
«Walk from the Clock Tower Square in Jaffa to scenic Jaffa port.
«Visit the Artists' Colony with its narrow and winding alleys
«The Jaffa Visitors' Center
«St. Peter's Church and the Tel of Jaffa
«Enjoy the colorful and busy Flea Market and the restored Train Station
site connecting Jaffa and Tel-Aviv
«Walk to Neve Zedek and Neve Shalom – the first Tel-Aviv neighborhoods, via Suzanne Dallal- Center for Dance and Theatre, in its beautifully restored venue.
From here – on to the New Tel-Aviv
«Sample Shuk HaCarmel (food and fresh produce market) and on to 
«Habima Square (Israel's National Theatre), Golda Meir Center for Performing Arts
«Rabin Square (The assassination site of Yitzhak Rabin, Israel's Prime Minister)
through the neighborhoods of 'The White City' and modern Tel-Aviv.
«End the day with an (optional) visit to the Diamond Exchange and Diamond Museum.

With a new understanding of Israel's metropolis – I will drop you back at your hotel or accommodation.


*This tour itinerary can be modified to suit your schedule and preferences, and gives you a better idea of what can be accomplished in a single, well planned day…

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